Our Story

We’re on a mission to include turmeric in your life!

We believe turmeric represents wellness and it is also a one of the most important herb in Ayurveda.

We are based in Morrisville, North Carolina. While we totally understand that Turmeric may not be for everyone but benefits of turmeric and uses of turmeric is far beyond just the capsules and supplements.

Benefits of Turmeric

We believe in the power of Turmeric & Curcumin. We also believe in local products. We only use US grown organic fresh turmeric roots. We are also passionate about Ayurveda we are hoping that after you taste our branded products then you will be passionate about Turmeric & Ayurveda both!

Turmeric Zone

We launched our Super Honey in end of 2018 and we opened our first small store in 2021. Today we are blessed that we are able to introduce new ways to include turmeric in your life.