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Turmeric as a way of life!

Our story started years ago with a great passion for sharing love with this extraordinary root given by nature - turmeric! Like many other good stories, we started from the garage (*kitchen), and at the end of 2018, we launched our Super Honey.

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About Us

Turmeric zone - our story

Our story and why turmeric

We believe turmeric represents wellness and it is also a one of the most important herb in Ayurveda. Growing up in India, turmeric was part of every day's meal and life. There were no pills and capsules but just pure turmeric in every household. In Ayurveda, building relationship with the plant and herb is important but when we take pills, we kind of lose that bond with the plant.

This is the exact reason we started this Turmeric Zone with a mission to provide turmeric in more natural ways.

We include 1 oz of organic fresh turmeric root with every order placed through our website so our customer knows what it tastes like, what color it is and how it smells so we can re-establish that bond all over again.

100% Certified Organic Potent Ingredients

Raw Ingredients

Raw Ingredients

In today's super fast world complex flavor is more focus of consumers than it's ingredients. It is sad but also a reality. While we have always focused on potent ingredients that are not just holistic but also are not shy of it's complex flavor.

We strive to provide RAW ingredients wherever we can using ancient methods because that's what mother nature has intended to do. Organic and seaconal wildcrafted ingredients are something from a heaven. Why not using them only?

Take an example of our Super Honey or one of our herbal teas. There is nothing hidden in it but you will see what exactly you get: 100% certified organic potent ingredients.

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Today, thanks to our online presence, our products are being used by many people all around the world!

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