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Turmeric Tea Club - Unique Tea Every Month

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Include Turmeric in your life by sipping turmeric in natural ways.

Our brand new club features 1 unique teas every month delivered to your door.

How it works?

We will ship your first turmeric tea as soon as you purchase this club membership. We will start out with Turmeric Chai being your first tea!

Then after every month (until you cancel or pause your subscription) we will send you following new teas

  • Month 2 - Turmeric Ginger 
  • Month 3 - Turmeric Green Tea
  • Month 4 - Turmeric Lemon Ginger
  • Month 5 - Turmeric Chai with Elderberry
  • Month 6 - Turmeric Ginger with Elderberry
  • Month 7 - Turmeric Green Tea
  • Month 8 - Turmeric Ginger Ashwagandha
  • Month 9 - Turmeric Ginger with Elderberry
  • Month 10 - Turmeric Green Tea with Ashwagandha
  • Month 11 - Turmeric Green Tea with Ginger
  • Month 12 - Turmeric Lemon Ginger with Elderberry


We will repeat this cycle after completion of all 12 months. 

You can pause or cancel at any time. 

Each of our tea container includes Stainless Steel Tea Infuser of $3.99 value so you dont have to worry about getting infuser or using tea bags ever. 


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