RAW Ingredients

In today's super fast world complex flavor is more focus of consumers than it's ingredients. It is sad but also a reality. While we have always focused on potent ingredients that are not just holistic but also are not shy of it's complex flavor.

We strive to provide RAW ingredients wherever we can using ancient methods because that's what mother nature has intended to do. Take an example of our Super Honey or one of our herbal teas. There is nothing hidden in it but you will see what exactly you get. 

organic and wildcrafted ingredients

Wildcrafted and Certified Organic & Seasonal.

Back in Himalays everything was organic and still that's what it is and also another important factor is seasonal ingredients. Of course in modern world, everything is available 365 days but we only use 100% certified organic potent ingredients and also we love wildcrafted and seasonal because that's exactly how ingredients supposed to be and flavor of seasonal, organic and wildcrafted are something from a heaven.