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Quick Turmeric Tea & Golden Milk

Our newest addition of Divine Herbal Drops are made with 100% natural ingredients. Carefully prepared based on Ayurveda recipe these drops mixes easily with any warm or hot drinks with unlimited uses so you can create golden milk, turmeric tea, ginger tea or any other your favorite drinks without a mess.

About Divine Herbal Drops


Create Golden Milk and more..

No more mess while creating your Golden Milk! Just add one drop in your warm milk, stir it and enjoy! Use it in your warm tea or hot coffee.  Add it in your hot cereal or be creative. You will find endless uses for these natural herbal drops.

600 Milligrams of Organic Turmeric in each drop!

Each of the drop contains 0.6 Grams (600 milligrams) of organic turmeric powder which is the same as the majority of the turmeric supplements. In addition to organic turmeric powder,  you also get equal amount of organic Ceylon Cinnamon. Please read full details of ingredients available on product description.

Ayurveda Inspired Recipe

Our divine herbal drops are 100% raw. Our recipe doesn't involve cooking or heating so not to alter the goodness of the ingredients, so you can get 100% nature's goodness in one single cup! Best for golden milk, turmeric tea, or ginger tea

Convenient Packaging

These drops are wrapped individually and carefully packaged in a beautiful square Tin Jar with a transparent lid which can travel with you anywhere. Create your golden milk in your office or create your favorite turmeric tea on airport or flight! All you will need is hot water!